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Send a Duthya to pick up and deliver whatever you want. They’re going to get it done quickly and effectively. Duthaya meets your delivery needs by using public transportation, motorcycles, and cars.

Delivered in a Safe and Careful Manner

Both the sender and the recipients can track their Duthaya in real time

Convenient and trouble-free

With multi-stop deliveries, you can deliver to multiple locations at once! All of this is available through the Duthaya app.

Inexpensive Cost

For all of your deliveries, you’ll get competitive upfront fixed prices. You only pay for what you see on the app.

Peace of Mind

Receive proof of delivery upon completion and rest easy knowing that items are covered for up to Rs. 1,000/- per delivery.

About Duthaya

We’ve all had those moments when we wish we could just summon someone to go to the bank or the government office on our behalf to wait in line and submit our documents. A few cough drops are always a good idea when you’re feeling under the weather.

How does it work?

01. Describe Your Job

Open your Duthaya mobile app and tell us what you need done and where you want it done.

03. Finish the Mission

After confirming your booking, click “Continue “. The nearest Duthaya will receive your order and arrives and gets the job. Pay securely and leave a review. All using a mobile app.

02. Chose a Duthaya

Choose your devilry and pickup locations. Enter the recipient’s name, phone number, and any additional drop-off information, such as floor/unit number (if applicable). Then, indicate the type of vehicle you believe is best suited for the job, select a Duthaya, and confirm the details.

04. Keep track of your delivery.

The Duthaya Mobile App allows you to track your item in real time. In addition, your recipient will receive an SMS with a tracking URL to track the delivery progress.

Tackle your to-do list wherever you are with our mobile app.

Our Customers Love Duthaya

Absolutely Loved

This was my first Duthaya experience, and I absolutely loved it. Mr.Sampath Perera, my Duthaya, was fantastic. This business model is fantastic. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and family. “I am confident that I will use you again in the near future.

Sonella Thabrew

It’s Amazing

It’s amazing how user-friendly the platform is, and Duthaya is addressing a serious issue.” I just booked a Duthaya and got my work done from the Consular department / This saved me a lot of time.

Pradeep Gurage

Excellent Experience

Excellent experience. I do feel a little guilty about having someone wait in line for me at the Inland Revenue Department and getting work done from him — it feels a little privileged. But if there are people willing to do it for pay, it’s a fantastic and efficient tool.

Natasha Siriwardena

In These Cities, You Can Find Us

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Toronto, Canada


What exactly is Duthaya?

Duthaya is an online and mobile marketplace that connects freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate assistance with daily tasks such as waiting in line and submitting necessary applications for Banking & Financing, Government services, business services, as well as arranging store delivery or sending / receiving documents.

 Duthaya Digital Services (Private) Limited, which was founded in 2021, now has many vetted background checked “Duthayas” available to assist consumers in a variety of categories.

How do I use a Duthaya Services ?

Get your Task done in few simple steps

  • Download the Duthaya app and get yourself onboarded as a user.
  • Choose the service type for which you want to use Duthaya and, if necessary, the service location.
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to get an upfront fixed fare.
  • Enter any additional drop-off information and to confirm your reservation, click “Continue.”
  • After you confirm your booking, the nearest Duthaya will receive your order and immediately head to the pick-up location
    Which cities is Duthaya currently available in?
    What are our business hours?
    We are open from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., seven days a week

    During the travel restriction  period,  we adhere to operating hour  restrictions for delivery services. For the most up-to-date information,

    Can Duthaya accept advance bookings or store packages overnight for next-day delivery?
    Regrettably, we are unable to accept advanced reservations or next-day delivery at the moment.
    Is my package secure? What can I do if my package is damaged or lost during the delivery?
    All of our Duthayas have received extensive training and have passed screening. In the unfortunate and improbable event that your item suffers damage or loss, rest assured that you are covered for up to Rs.1000 per delivery. You may contact our customer service department to initiate the claim process.
    What types of items am I able to send via Duthaya?
    • Packages (packed items in boxes or bags)
    • Documents
    • Food that has been packaged (please ensure your item is packed to withstand road transport conditions for approximately 1 hour)
    What types of items that are not deliverable
    • Items that are fragile (e.g. glassware) and require special handling
    • Perishable items that cannot tolerate non-chilled temperatures for more than an hour
    • Items that are hazardous, explosive, flammable, or otherwise unsafe (including power banks)
    • Items and documents of great value (e.g. cash, passport, birth certificate)
    • Items and substances that are illegal
    • Animals and plants that are alive
    • Any unpacked / loose items that are prone to damage during transit Please note that Grab will fully cooperate with appropriate authorities if any illegal or dangerous items are discovered.
    Is it possible for the Duthya to reject my package if it is not properly packaged or sealed?
    If your package isn’t properly sealed and there’s a risk of spillage, the Duthaya has the right to cancel your order. Please make sure that everything you send is properly sealed and packed to ensure that there is as little risk of spillage as possible during transit.



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