Apply to become a Duthaya

Earn a lot of money by assisting people with their tax submissions, skipping the line at the land registry, and more. You will be someone’s hero while earning between Rs.1,000 and Rs.4,000 per task.

What exactly is Duthaya Digital Services ?

Duthaya ( is a marketplace for government and business services that has assisted millions of people in gaining access to government and business services and information.

You can apply to become a Duthaya, and we’ll have you onboarded in a matter of seconds. We are not currently accepting new employees in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our primary service is assisting people with government and business services.

Who should be considered for the position of Duthaya?

You should apply if you’re friendly, outgoing, and enjoy assisting others in achieving their goals. Apply if you value flexibility and growth. You will be able to choose trips or bookings as a Duthaya at any time, from the same day to the following month.



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Let’s hear what the other Duthayas have to say

“Being a Duthaya is an excellent way to assist others. I enjoy explaining the process of navigating through government services so that clients feel more at ease and confident about the process they’re about to embark on.”

- Tushan Dias

Land Registry Tasks Expert

“Working with Duthaya has been a fantastic experience that has been flexible and seamless.”
- Edward Alwis

Inland Revenue Tasks Expert

“It makes me happy to know I’ve helped someone become more self-sufficient in their daily activities.”

- Ruwani De Mel

Inland Revenue Tasks Expert