Delivery & Pick-Ups

Sri Lanka
Hire a Duthaya to send and receive absolutely anything.  Allow our Duthaya to work on your as you’re own private messenger and while you devote your time to more important matters.

The following are ten critical services that the Registrar General’s Department facilitates for someone other than the relevant person to perform on behalf of the designated business owner or business representative. So, a duthaya can perform the following ten services behalf of you

  • Documents – Use Duthaya and get your documents b delivered on-demand, with real-time tracking
  • Small Moves – Small Beds, dressers, tables, couches, boxes, and other small items . Do you need to transport a single small or large item from point A to point B? If you’re having trouble finding affordable moving help in the city, or if you’re considering doing it yourself, why not try Duthaya?
  • Store Pickup – Nothing is more frustrating than finally finding the perfect piece only to discover that you won’t be able to take it home for another week. To make matters worse, you won’t know when it’ll arrive until it’s a few hours away! There is an easier way. Use Duthaya

We’ve all been there, browsing online stores hoping to find the perfect piece of furniture to complete our living room. Then there’s the dawning realization that there’s no way to get it home.

How it Works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.

    • Request in the App
      Select “Delivery & Pick-Up” from the home page main menu of the Duthaya Mobile App. Set your pickup and drop-off points, select the vehicle, when you need it, and payment method.
    • We’ll Take it From Here
      Your Duthaya will arrive, and you can hand over your necessary paperwork to him/her so that he/she can complete your work safely and securely. We’ll see you when we arrive!
    • Rate your Duthaya
      We complete your tasks and deliver them to the location of your choice. Tell us about your encounter!