Wait in Line

Sri Lanka

By connecting you with registered line-sitters(Duthayas), the Duthaya app for iOS and Android eliminates the need to stand in line.

Based on the demand for certain services, the app will offer services for which you can hire line sitters to wait in line on your behalf. Once you’ve found the service you’re looking for, tap on the Icon and then click on “Select a Service,” where you’ll need to select “Wait in Line.” If you plan ahead of time, you can book up to a 24 hours  in advance.

Make sure to choose your service’s preferred location for both “PickUp Location” and “Delivery Location.”

Once the booking is accepted and payment is done, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about your spot on the long queue. If the Line Sitter / Duthaya requires additional advise, he or she will contact you, and you can contact the Line Sitter / Duthaya in the same manner.

Skip the wait - We do the wait for you!

Duthaya is an app that connects users to professional line-sitters known as “Duthayas”, who, for a fee, will save you precious time.


What are our Wait in line Services

Well, this is a dynamic service that based on social need at the time. So, if you, like many others, have a social problem where you have to waste your time waiting in line, check out the Duthaya app and the “Wait in Line” section. We most probably have a solution for you.