Book a Lawyer by the Day

Sri Lanka

Book a Lawyer by the Day

EaaS: Expertise as a Service – Expertise on demand and just-in-time

EaaS: Expertise as a Service by Duthaya Digital Services (Pvt’) Ltd have curated a network of independent legal experts / lawyers who specialize in startups and are available on-demand for up to half the price of traditional firms Legal executives and legal advisers from major corporations are among these experts.

They can help with…

  • Document preparation
  • Going through legal documents / agreements
  • Giving you basic legal advice and assisting with strategy
  • Discussing which legal options are best for you
  • Answering legal questions you may have about your case (i.e., evidence you will need)
  • Assisting you in determining your next steps and understanding court procedure

Duthaya Digital Services (Pvt) Ltd has access to a firm that has an abundance of top on-demand legal talent without the massive overhead costs that go along with it.

Note – Lawyer by the Day program provide basic legal advice, assist you in understanding relevant laws and your rights, and help you fill out court forms. They will not accompany you into the courtroom.

How it Works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.

    • Request in the App
      Select “Business Needs “ from main menu and then “Book a Lawyer by the Day” from the Business Needs menu of the Duthaya Mobile App. Set your pickup and drop-off points, select the vehicle, when you need it, and payment method.
    • We’ll Take it From Here
      Your Duthaya will arrive, and you can hand over your necessary paperwork to him/her so that he/she can complete your work safely and securely. We’ll see you when we arrive!
    • Rate your Duthaya
      We complete your tasks and deliver them to the location of your choice. Tell us about your encounter!