Police Station : Services from Sri Lanka Police

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Police Station : Services from Sri Lanka Police

Duthaya app give you an easy and convenient way to send a Duthaya behalf of yourself to make payments for your traffic fines to postal office and then use Duthaya to go and collect your driving license from the police station so you do not have to waste your time. Duthaya can provide assistance whether you need it occasionally or constantly.

What We Offer

  • Pay Traffic Fines and Collect your driving license from Police station.
Pay Traffic Fines
  • Traffic Fine to be paid separately to the service fee to Duthaya in advance during Pick up.

If you require any additional information or clarification, please contact our call center at 074 2000 930

How it Works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.

    • Request in the App
      Select “Business Needs “ from main menu and then “Police Station: Services from Sri Lanka Police” from the Business Needs menu of the Duthaya Mobile App. Set your pickup and drop-off points, select the vehicle, when you need it, and payment method.
    • We’ll Take it From Here
      Your Duthaya will arrive, and you can hand over your necessary paperwork to him/her so that he/she can complete your work safely and securely. We’ll see you when we arrive!
    • Rate your Duthaya
      We complete your tasks and deliver them to the location of your choice. Tell us about your encounter!