Duthaya: An App that Will Run Errands for You!

Do you have so many tasks but have no time to do all of them? If you’re stuck in such a confusing situation, then no problem! We got you!

We’ll share an app with you that can run errands for you in this article. That way, you can focus on your important tasks or just enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

What is a Duthaya App?

Duthaya is an on-demand delivery service that mainly targets the government & business services that are time consuming and can be done by sending someone else behalf of you . . Need something? Just book a Duthaya and they will take care of it for you!

How Can the Duthaya App Help You?

Duthaya is an app that will help you manage your errands. You can use it to get anything you need without leaving the house, no matter where or when you need it.

Once Duthaya has been downloaded, host a party and ensure all your guests have it!

We know getting together with friends can be difficult, so we’ve made it easier for everyone to decide on a place and time.

If you’re not planning on gathering in person, don’t worry—Duthaya is designed to help you keep up with family and friends remotely.

Benefits of Using the Duthaya App

Duthaya is a platform that enables you to connect to local helpers in your area. You can request help from local helpers willing to run errands for you through the app.

Duthaya has several benefits for users. From helping you when you are busy and out of time to helping you in situations that you don’t know how to handle, Duthaya will provide a solution for all small tasks.

The platform is also useful when traveling or moving into a new city where you don’t have any connections in the area.

You can make  requests via Duthaya mobile app and book a local helpers or other interesting people in your area.

How Does Duthaya App Work?

Duthaya is a free app, making it accessible to anyone. It is simple to use with only three steps: sign up, select an errand, and pay.

  1. Sign up

Anyone can register on the application and add their preferred payment method (credit card or debit card ). The application has a user-friendly interface that guides you through the registration process.

  1. Select an Errand

You can request errands such as Government Services , shopping for groceries, picking up your laundry and ironing, cleaning your apartment or office, buying gifts for your loved ones, etc.

The application will display the estimated time needed for each type of task so that you can choose accordingly and plan your day accordingly while they run these errands in the background.

  1. Track Status of the Request

With the app, you can track the progress of the person running your errands at any point in time.


Whether you need a helper with your chores, get  a service done from Government , Bank , groceries, or even help with work tasks, Duthaya is the new app that can help! It’s free to download and easy to use.

Start using it today, and you’ll wish you’d discovered it sooner—but don’t worry, we’ll keep the secret between us.

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