Duthaya Digital Services Embarks on a Transformative Journey with SLT-MOBITEL Partnership


Exchanging the signed agreement with Prabhath Dahanayake, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT-MOBITEL, and Thareendra D. Kalpage, Co-Founder of Digital Zyndicate and Director of Duthaya Digital Services

Duthaya Digital Services proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with SLT-MOBITEL, a historic collaboration that brings together two industry innovators to redefine personal assistance services in Sri Lanka. This strategic alliance signifies a pivotal moment in our mission to simplify lives and bridge the gap between local services and individuals in need of immediate assistance.

Empowering Lives Through Seamless Assistance

At Duthaya, we have always been at the forefront of innovation, committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing a range of convenient services that expedite everyday tasks. Our pioneering personal assistance app serves as a beacon of efficiency, connecting users with local services through a user-friendly online and mobile marketplace. Whether it’s queuing for essential paperwork, managing deliveries, or handling business needs, Duthaya is dedicated to simplifying life’s complexities.

The Duthaya app introduces users to ‘duthayas’—trained personal assistants capable of assisting with a myriad of services, from banking to government paperwork, business support, deliveries, and in-store purchases. Customers simply log their requests on the app, and a skilled duthaya is promptly assigned to complete the task. Our strengths lie in affordability, the facilitation of documentation services not offered by other delivery services, and an unwavering commitment to overall convenience.

Affordable Convenience for All

The innovative Duthaya app is designed to save time for busy individuals, provide essential assistance to the elderly, and offer support for those living abroad needing tasks completed in Sri Lanka. With services beginning at attractive rates, Duthaya empowers people to focus on what truly matters through accessible and affordable convenience.

To benefit from our range of services, customers can easily download the Duthaya app on their mobile devices. This partnership is yet another digital initiative of SLT-MOBITEL, reinforcing their commitment to using technology to simplify lives and bringing innovative digital services to the fingertips of the people. Both SLT-MOBITEL and Duthaya are positioned as digital service providers with a shared focus on enabling digital empowerment in Sri Lanka.

A Shared Vision for a Connected Future

Prabhath Dahanayake, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT-MOBITEL, emphasized the shared vision, stating, “The Duthaya app aims to revolutionize accessibility. The service offers tailored assistance: simplifying government tasks, banking, business support, smooth delivery, in-store help, and efficient queue management, dedicated to aiding busy individuals, the elderly, and those abroad. It is similar to our own ethos of prioritizing convenience, personalization, utilizing technology to enhance the quality of life for customers.”

Thareendra D. Kalpage, Director of Duthaya Digital Services, echoed the excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner SLT-MOBITEL to revolutionize personal assistance and bring more convenience to customers across Sri Lanka. Duthaya began in recognition of the growing demand for affordable, customized assistance in a fast-paced world. With the Duthaya app, we are bridging the gap between people and services by connecting users to ‘duthayas’ who can swiftly complete everyday tasks, including paperwork, deliveries, banking, etc. With SLT-MOBITEL’s nationwide reach reinforcing our shared goal of using technology to simplify lives, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact our app can drive through the collaboration.”

The Future of Personal Assistance Services in Sri Lanka

As we embark on this transformative journey with SLT-MOBITEL, the future holds promise for a more connected Sri Lanka. Together, we are committed to reshaping personal assistance services, making them more accessible, efficient, and personalized for individuals across the nation. Stay tuned for the revolutionary impact of this collaboration as we strive to simplify lives through technology and innovation.

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About Duthaya Digital Services: Duthaya Digital Services is a pioneering personal assistance app committed to simplifying lives by bridging the gap between local services and individuals in need of immediate assistance. With a focus on affordability, convenience, and innovation, Duthaya is reshaping the landscape of personal assistance services.

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